[thelist] link borders on a MAC

Dave Tanchak always at runwithscissors.ca
Sun Sep 21 16:25:35 CDT 2003

on 9/21/03 2:03 PM, Maisha Walker at maisha at e-vent.org wrote:

> I have already set the borders to 0 is there any other way to get rid
> of those link borders on a MAC??
> www.leifparsons.com.

Well, you didn't mention which OS/browser you're using, but if it's OS 9 and
IE 5, then it may be due to your browser settings. Try going to:

Edit -> Preferences

In the "Browser Display" options, you'll see a section for "Keyboard
Accessibility." Make sure "Tab to just text fields" is selected, and that
should get rid of borders on linked images.

Obviously this implies that if your targeted users don't have this option
selected, they *will* see the borders.

If this ain't yer OS/browser config, then please disregard :-)


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