[thelist] link borders on a MAC

Maisha Walker maisha at e-vent.org
Sun Sep 21 17:13:58 CDT 2003

thanks, jorah!

it is still happenng on the link you gave me below.

I'm concerned that its a browser preference issue that can't be 
controlled by javascript or css.  but i don't know for sure and was 
hoping that someone out there may have encounered a desire to 
eliminate these borders in the past and either successfully fulfilled 
that desire or definitively discovered that it just was not going to 

the environment is Mac OS 10 using Internet Explorer 5.1.

thanks again!

p.s.  what was the block of css code that you added?

> At 14:03 09/21/03 -0700, you wrote:
> >When you look at it on a PC none of the links have borders 
> >them when you click on them.  But on a MAC, the borders 
> >when you click on the links. This is a problem because it really
> >interferes with the contiuous/flash smoothness feeling of the 
> >
> >I have already set the borders to 0 is there any other way to get 
> >of those link borders on a MAC??
> Perhaps you have to set the borders on the change images, 
too? In any case, 
> there were some nit-picking problems stopping the code from 
validating. Try 
> a cleaned-up version and see if the problem still happens:
> http://www.madstone.net/leifParsons.html
> By the way, I threw in a block of css to control the border of the a 
> This may not work for NN. I don't have access to a Mac to check 
> problem. I figure... when debugging something, get rid of all 
> problems. Anything that is left will be a little easier to figure out.
> -Jorah
> PS: I like the interface a lot. 
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