[thelist] General Owed Tips

Jorah Lavin madstone at madstone.net
Sun Sep 21 18:29:16 CDT 2003

<tip type="Building your value to employers" author="Jorah Lavin">
When considering subjects to study, don't just think about technology 
subjects. Do you understand the essentials of marketing? Of branding? Do 
you understand anything about how your customer's business works? Consider 
the challenges your employer faces every day. The more problems you can 
solve, the more valuable you can be.

<tip type="Building your value to employers" author="Jorah Lavin">
What sort of an employee are you? Make it easy for your employer to like 
you. Show up when you are supposed to. Do the job you were hired for, plus 
a bit more. Find out what they want you to do, and do it as long as it 
isn't violating your ethics. Even little things can help. Don't "push the 
envelope" on the dress code or any other code. Make your personal statement 
on your own time. If you don't fit in the environment at work, find 
somewhere else that fits you better. Don't abuse your employer's good will. 
None of this means becoming a door mat. But you contracted with the 
employer when they hired you. Fulfill your part of that contract as well as 
you can.  There are many "problem" employees. Just by not being a problem, 
you might look like a real winner.

<tip type="Building your value to employers" author="Jorah Lavin">
Be pleasant at work. Who knows, the minor client you are nice to today 
might become your next supervisor. This happened to me. I was laid off 
by  one department, but a woman from another department, whom I'd done a 
small job for, remembered my excellent customer service skills and hired me 
as soon as she heard that I was available. Express your angst somewhere else.

<tip type="List Etiquette" author="Jorah Lavin">
Keep the information-to-noise ratio as high as possible. If all you want to 
do is say "thanks" or "I agree," do so in private replies. Or, if you feel 
that you really do want to say thanks on the public list, throw in a Tip to 
build up the value of your post. List content can easily be submerged in 
noise, so do your part to fight that noise whenever you can. I, for one, 
will thank you for your thoughtfulness!

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