[thelist] Site check request, all css layout SPAMBOT trap?

John C Bullas jcbullas at nildram.co.uk
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At 00:19 23/09/2003, you wrote:

In passing:

Feedback on http://www.pixelmech.com/

you have spamtrap email addresses my friend!!!!

<a href="mailto:pixelmech<at>yahoo.com">Tom D.</a>

VERY visible to spambots

suggest you use


Here's the code for the function:


var lhs = "blackhole";
var rhs = "fbr.nildram.co.uk";

function print_mail_to_link()
document.write("<A HREF=\"mailto");
document.write(":" + lhs + "@");
document.write(rhs + "\">" + lhs + "@" + rhs + "<\/a>");


Here's the code to call the function:
This code goes where you want your mailto:address to appear on the page.

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">

works pretty well, the email addresses are NOT visible UNLESS the page is 
delivered by a browser

URL given looks "fine and dandy" otherwise


Hi all,

I'm at a stage with this site where I could really use some eyeballs.
It's a CSS tableless design, XHTML 1 transitional.

I've validated the pages and everything seems to validate except for
some odd characters in the articles. I can clean those up as I find

I'd really welcome any comments at all - design, code, whatever.
Don't hold back!

Things you could look at:

1 - I have a problem with mozzy/NS and top margins on headers. I know
there is some kind of fix for this and I cannot find it!

2 - When you view an article, there is no menu item highlighted. I'm
not sure what to do here. Normally when I highlight the menu item you
are on that page and the menu choice is not selectable.

3- I have a problem in NS/Moz where my header bg image does not show
up,and I am not sure why.

I've tested in IE, NS/Moz and Opera. Opera has some menu issues which
I am not concerned about *unless* there is an EASY fix. I have not
testing anything on a mac, don't have access.

Here is the URL:


Thank you!

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