[thelist] Site check request, all css layout

Tom Dell'Aringa pixelmech at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 23 10:20:42 CDT 2003

--- rudy <rudy937 at rogers.com> wrote:
> > I'd really welcome any comments at all - design, code, whatever.
> > Don't hold back!
> well, with that type of invitation...

I knew I could count on you rudy! ;)

> there's a horizontal scrollbar at 800x600 maximized -- quite
> bothersome when
> there's actually something over there, as in
> http://www.thywordistruth.net/articles/article.php?aid=17&cid=1
> (perhaps the sidebar should be wider on that page?)

I see it... looks like my green box is causing it. Hmm, that means I
have to make my content column thinner to allow for this, which is a
bummer. I'll have to look at my logs to see how many of those users I
have, my guess is probably enough to have to deal with this..argh.

> print style sheet is fabulous -- i like how the header, logo, nav
> bar etc. are all suppressed

Thanks! (no sense in printing those out eh?)

> the fixed background image of grey weeds at the bottom right is
> mildly annoying

Can you elaborate? It's annoying because... is it interfering with
reading or..?

> font size switcher absolutely rocks -- given that you won't let me
> do it myself

Yeah, it was easier and faster for me to put the switcher in to take
the time and play with the style sheet to where I would want it with
relative sizes, so I went the easy route due to time contraints.

> the little arrow icon beside the News headline in the sidebar on
> the home page looks like it might be a link to a News page, but 
> alas, i click to no avail...

Are you sure you clicked correctly? (Just kidding) You are the second
person to mention that, I missed that one, will fix it.

> the even littler arrow icon beside the Doctrinal Statement link
> should also be a link


> main nav at the left works splendidly


> w3c icon means nothing to normal site visitors, and it and the
> "site by pixelmech" should be on the About page only

Yeah, think I'll whack the icon and the about the website thing. My
ego got the best of me. I think I'll leave the site by on each page
tho :)

> article links should be listed by latest at the top, oldest at the
> bottom

Yeah, obviously something wrong with my query I think because I
thought I was doing that. I'll have a look (and probably post about
it ..lol)

Thanks a bunch Rudy!


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