[thelist] Question: CSS with tables

Dan Williams dan at ithium.net
Wed Sep 24 12:36:21 CDT 2003

I think you need to apply padding: 0px to the table cell itself, ie.

td { padding: 0px; }

That applies to a lot of other properties too. Remember that some things
apply to the table itself but others apply to the cells. That should
help you determine which to apply the CSS to.

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What is the CSS equivilant of cellpadding="0"?

What I'm currently using:

<table class="border"><tr><td>...</td><tr></table>

.border {border-collapse:collapse; width:100%;}

What am I missing? (Did google search and the like.)

-Jon   (Looking forward to go tableless in near future, but not at this
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