[thelist] converting MSSQL stored procs to Access

rudy rudy937 at rogers.com
Thu Sep 25 00:10:33 CDT 2003

> Is there a way to convert the SQL stored procedures to Access Queries
> and run them with an 'EXECUTE' or similar statement from an ASP page?

access macros are more or less the equivalent of stored procs

stored procs don't translate to access queries

stored procs can run queries, and access macros can run queries

don't how you'd launch a macro, though

still, the question you asked was about conversion

never heard of anything like that -- upsizing, yes, but not the other

you'll have to do it by hand, i think

i'm currently on a contract at an organization where, by coincidence, i am
this week converting an access macro, and its 154 queries, to a sql server
stored proc

the first query alone, which processes about a quarter million records, runs
for something like twenty minutes in access

after it was converted to sql server (minor tweaks to the syntax -- like i
said, you'll probably be doing your conversion by hand), the query runs in
about thirty seconds

i *heart* sql server

in fact, both sql server and access are fabulous pieces of software, each
for its own reasons

so totally out of character compared to the other, um, stuff from microsoft


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