[thelist] re: thinking of getting new mac

Chris Price chris.price at speed-mail.co.uk
Thu Sep 25 04:28:12 CDT 2003

> Also does the Virtual PC software help OS X to better integrate in a
> Windows environment?

Virtual PC, bought by Microsoft this year, won't work on the new G5 because
of the new chip architecture. There appear to be no plans to do anything
about this. Macs networking is another issue.

I too have never had anti-virus software on a Mac. The only issue I have
ever come across was a worm a few years ago that did cause some folks some
problems. Free software cleared it.

I believe the reason for the Mac's relative immunity is more to do with
numbers of users than ease of creating viruses. A virus that created Mac
havoc might make the front of Macworld but wouldn't get a mention on the 9
o'clock news. Also the Mac community is a bit like a club whereas PC users
just have a computer on their desk.

Chris Price

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