[thelist] Sorting with SQL

Rob Smith rob.smith at THERMON.com
Thu Sep 25 10:15:10 CDT 2003

Maybe you could use that argument to gain a little leeway with the powers
that be to
let you add the sorting columns.  Just my 2cents.

Honestly. I could add 2500 columns to the database structure and no one
would be the wiser. (If I could do that - never tried never will try). I
guess its not THAT bad. I'd have to classify about 1000 rows to some sort of
sorting order. I'm sure I could write some ASP that could look for patterns
of these N's and L's and update the database on that. 

Whatcha think? Once this structure is set up, it won't change often at all. 

(on a side note, I see this as a shoe store example. I'm not modifying the
number of shoes in my store as that quantity changes quite frequently. More
the characteristic of the shoe box I sell them from. I'm just adding another
(hidden) field to help me separate the shoes by shoe size.)

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