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M.G. Noriega manuel at simplelogica.net
Thu Sep 25 11:07:45 CDT 2003

El jue, 25-09-2003 a las 15:55, john at johnallsopp.co.uk escribió:
> Hi
> I want to send a handful of free text fields in one big text variable to
> another program. So I need a delimiter. ;'s no good because it might
> easily be used in the text.
> Do I need to scan for my chosen delimiter character and remove it (which
> obviously changes the text) or is there an accepted ASCII character that
> programmers use for delimiting text and that no-one can input at the
> keyboard (OK, I know about ALT+nnn, but besides that)?
> I'm using PHP.

Depends on the nature and language of the data,but 

- &
- #
- %

Shouldn't be easily spotted on any natural language

OTOH, why not an entity?


you can't go wrong with that ;)
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