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Jono Young Jono at brookgroup.com
Thu Sep 25 13:07:33 CDT 2003

    I too, would like to get a G5, but cannot currently afford it, which in
the long run is a good thing.  As soon as you buy a new Mac, there's a
newer, faster, less expensive model released.
    The G5's are too new, in my opinion, to lay money down on right now.
The next generation of G5's will be faster, cheaper, and hopefully run a
64-bit OS out of the box, and will probably/hopefully, show up ironically
around December.  
    I have played with the G5's at CompUSA, and the Apple Store, and they
are FAST, but not as fast as I dreamed they would be when I read all the
hype.  For now, I will chug along, in OS X, with my G3 350 B&W, and G4 400
    So, if you have a chunk of extra cash, go with the G5 dual 2GB, or
1.8GHz, otherwise wait as long as you can for newer models.  The mid-level
Macs usually get the the most bang for your buck.  Just my 2 duckets.

Either way you win!

On 9/25/03 9:50 AM, "Fortune Elkins" <fortune_elkins at summithq.com> wrote:

>> the difference between Windows and Mac culture...
> absolutely. mac users don't hate their own world. we love our little
> community.
> it seems like many windows viruses are written by people who have a beef
> with bill gates or windows security. windows users seem, in general, like
> angry people.
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