[thelist] multiple domains SEO

Andrew andrew at humanbehaviour.co.uk
Fri Sep 26 02:46:18 CDT 2003

>Andy Budd wrote:
>> But that's the problem. Google treats every domain as a separate
>> website, so will see that each website has the same content and may
>> think you're trying to spam them. As such the best thing to do is make
>> sure that each domain name ends up resolving (probably not the right
>> term) to one domain name. e.g typing in www.xyz.com will forward you to
>> www.abc.com.
>you could use a 301 redirection (content permanently relocated)

This was what I was originally asking and whether if each of the domains
(resolving) sub-masked to the master domain will still be seen as spamming?

I think it will probably be a case of sub-masking and not submitting the domains
to search engines.


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