[thelist] passing a variable through a form using php

Richard Livsey R.Livsey at cache-22.co.uk
Fri Sep 26 05:28:00 CDT 2003

Joshua Hmielowski wrote:

> what I am trying to achieve is to pass a variable ($value) to the same 
> page that the form sits on "catalog.php"
> <form action="catalog.php">
> the form in which I am trying pass this var is a option list.  I have 
> set the values to pass with the correct option.
> the value does seem to get passed considering I can see it in the url 
> "get"method.
> I wrote a test script to catch and test the variable. I am using the 
> !isset() and the empty() functions to test the var.
> what I get is the var in NOT set.  (the !isset returns true)
> any Ideas?

The value you are after will be in $_GET['select'], unless you have 
register globals turned on (not advisable) in which case you will be 
able to get it directly from $select.

If you replace $value in your statements() function with $_GET['select'] 
then the script should work as expected.


Incutio Web Developer

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