[thelist] Which version of Windows.

Ken Schaefer ken at adOpenStatic.com
Fri Sep 26 08:16:36 CDT 2003

If you have a decent machine, and can afford it - Windows 2003 Server.
Otherwise Windows XP Professional.

Windows 2003 Server lets you install other enterprise apps (if required),
gives you access to a high performance OS (especially the enhancements in
IIS v6), and allows you to run multiple websites under IIS.

If you're looking for a desktop OS, then Windows XP Pro, for the same
reaons, even though it has quite a few more security holes than Windows 2003


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: Soon here at work I will have the time to clean and upgrade my system,
: since I am still using windows 98 now I am considering to upgrade to a
: more recent version of windows. My question is:
: - which version of windows do you prefer for (multimedia) web
: development and why?
: Thanks for your help,
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: Tom van Gemert - Multimedia developer

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