[thelist] ASP Select Form not auto-selecting

Rob Smith rob.smith at THERMON.com
Fri Sep 26 08:19:53 CDT 2003

>Low and behold my output is:
>92503 92503
>Yet... the test to compare these two to enable the "selected" feature,

I'd like to come back and all your suggestions worked like a charm, but I
This is what I started out with:

	Var1 = request.form("Manager")
	Var2 = Managers.fields.item("RepID").value
	If Var1 = Var2 then
		Response.Write(" selected ")
		' values are not equal
	End If

Casting request.form("Manager") as anything gave me a type mismatch error

	CInt(request.form("Manager"))  --->  Type mismatch
	Trim   (both)	""		 --->  Test still failed; no err
	CLng 	 ""		""		 --->  Type mismatch
	CStr	 (both)	""		 --->  Test still failed; no err

This is really annoying me. The data type that the record set came from is
Int(4). Any other suggestions?



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