[thelist] javascript question

Marek Kilimajer kilimajer at webglobe.sk
Fri Sep 26 11:13:17 CDT 2003

I'm too lazy to search in the docs to make sure but this should be it:

function SuppressEnter(e)
	if(event && event.keyCode==13) return false; // for IE
	if(e && e.keyCode==13) return false;  // for compliant browsers
	return true;

mike karthauser wrote:

> on 26/9/03 2:42 pm, Tom Dell'Aringa at pixelmech at yahoo.com wrote:
>>So good thing to bring up the point that it breaks certain things for
>>the user. But we should stop short of pointing fingers. :) Probably
>>when I submitted my code snippet, I should have mentioned the things
>>that jeff did - and next time I will.
> So was there a cross browser answer for locking out the enter key for your
> submits? I've been following this strand but seemed to have missed the
> point..

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