[thelist] img src=dot.gif height=100% width=1 problem

Roger Harness magic32 at jps.net
Sat Sep 27 00:42:43 CDT 2003


On a site I've been running, I've been using the <.img src="green_dot.gif"
width="1" height="100%"> thing to seperate my left navigation from my main
content. (with left nav in a td, dot.gif in 2nd td, and content in third

I guess this is bad form, but at the time it worked. Actually, it does in:
IE 5.0 and Mozilla 1.0, and doesn't in Opera 5.02, and Navigator 4.08.

And that was ok for me, but now it doesn't even seem to be working in later
versions of IE.

Sooooo, does anyone successfully use anything in a similiar situation? I had
a little more success using a specified height instead of the 100%, but one
of the main pros for using the percentage was that it of course would scale
as much main content as needed.

I do know some basic CSS stuff, but I don't know of anything that might do

Any suggestions?

as always, tia!

-Roger Harness

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