[thelist] Re: [PHP + Javascript?] directory - only listing images below a certain

throwaway at gmontague.co.uk throwaway at gmontague.co.uk
Tue Sep 30 05:06:13 CDT 2003

'Volters - Can anyone think of a way to show only images / files in a
directory that are above / below a certain filesize?

PHP gives lots of nice information for uploading, but when traversing a
filesystem, it looks like all i can get is unix permissions, id_dir()
and filenames.

Do you mean as in an index-type page or a general rule for the server not to
serve files above/below size x?

If its the former then you can just do an opendir(), readdir(),is_file(),
filesize() loop and only display those files that have the appropriate filesize().

And if you also want to filter based on file type you check...

$extension = strrchr(basename($file_name), "."); //get the file extension

and then compare extension to an array of filetypes ('jpeg','jpeg','png', etc)
in a case insensitive search.


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