[thelist] PHP and Search Engine Bots.

Rodrigo Fonseca lists at vega.eti.br
Fri Oct 3 21:21:29 CDT 2003

> 	I'm curious. If I were to have HTML/PHP pages with the .php extension.
> Would a search bot from a search engine, ignore it altogether because it
> doesn't have a .htm or .html extension, or would it index it? I will check
> with the usual sources, google, yahoo, etc. but thought I'd get the evolter
> community's opinion/experience first.


Google cares more about document structure, not the programming
language itself. Other SI do the same (don't know every single
one but the most well known do).

What PHP does is perform a series of calculations and/or queries
and/or routine execution to end up with a regular HTML (as in
"hypertext markup language") file.

If your document is well structured you'll be fine.

Tip: Consisely use h1, h2, title attributes, alt and title for
images, address, dl, dd, dt, etc.
Avoid all tabular data (tables to hold everything) and using
divs alone to organize all content of your site.
Don't like h1 or dl/dd/dt? Use them anyway. Just put some style
sheets to work.

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