[thelist] Image not appearing in browser window SOLVED

Nan Harbison nansmith at heritageconcord.org
Mon Oct 13 18:48:53 CDT 2003

Okay, this came to me while I was sipping a glass of wine
watching the news after totally blowing a gasket over this
thing. The whole problem was caused because I had named
the image banner.jpg. So I think my ISP was preventing it
from showing, it was stripping that image tag off of the
I have renamed it, you can see it here:

How is that for stupid? Are any annoying banner ads
actually still calling themselves banner dot anything?
Maybe my ISP (Earthlink) still has this old rule and has
never removed it.
Thanks for your help Paul.

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Nan Harbison wrote:

>Hello folks,
>I have a very strange problem. I have an image with the
>name of a school at the top of the page. When I look at
>on my own computer, it does not show, and if I look at
>source, there is the table cell where the image is, but
>there is nothing in that table cell. This is happening in
>IE and NN.
>Here is the address:
no image on page or in source for Mozilla 1.4b on Win2k

My first pick would be a script error, as if it isn't in
the source then
no browser will display it
Under what conditions does it display? Is it only for this
check your script logic for how the imnage is inserted
(from db or in
template etc) and under what coinditions and it seems
likely that you
error will be there

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