[thelist] [OT - Kinda] Internet Access

Rob Smith rob.smith at THERMON.com
Thu Oct 16 11:13:21 CDT 2003


I'm really sorry about bringing my personal woes into this list, but I
couldn't think of a better audience. I'm having a lot of difficulties with
getting Internet Access from my home and wanted to extract a few other
suggestions from you. Here's the scoop:

Dial-up is really too slow for the kind of work I do at home. Besides, I've
tried it and it cannot do hotmail, I cannot do my Masters on-line, and
cannot do my on-line banking. All three of these primary functions I do at
home are halted due to faulty web sites or sites that "hang" or get stuck.
Dial-up is too slow.

Since we have moved to a new neighborhood, Time Warner Cable has not quite
validated service to our area due to the lack of customers. More will show
up. They've agreed? to reassess the situation in January 2004. No cable and
no cable modem.

SBC Yahoo DSL has really made me angry. To get DSL access you need to be
within the three-mile, or 18,000-18,500 ft radius of the station. My
neighbor, who happens to be even further away measures at a nice 15,000 ft.
We, close to the station, measure at a horrid 20,000 ft. Our houses are
about 40 ft apart. So, somewhere in the ground, there's an extra 5,000 ft of
telephone cable in 40 ft of distance... Yah I know, really stinks.

I do not want to hassle with the expenses of a Satellite Internet solution.
What else is there? I cannot afford a T1, T2, T3, or even AT&T's T1024. :-)

Any suggestions?


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