[thelist] [PHP] newbie question - Implementing CFC-like code in PHP

Chris Johnston chris at fuzzylizard.com
Sat Oct 18 18:25:34 CDT 2003


I am just starting out learning php and have a small question. In CFMX, 
it possible to create object like code in the form of CFC's. This allows 
you to separate logic from design. It is an amazing way of coding and 
allows for a lot of versatility in the way web applications are put 

What I am wondering is this: is there any way of duplicating this 
functionality in php? Or is php code intrinsically composed of inline 
code designed specifically for a particular page?

Another way of asking this would be is there anyway of creating a single 
script -- say for database interaction -- that would handle the usuall 
insert/update/delete operations and then call the required 
functions/methods from a second, or external script, without first 
including the entire script. (I hope that made sense).


chris johnston

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