[thelist] No Color on Visited Links REPLY2

|| cira || cira at bork.hampshire.edu
Sun Oct 19 16:01:28 CDT 2003

What about dynamically printing out styles based on the users history?



On Sun, 19 Oct 2003, Randy Pearson wrote:

> >> BTW using "text-decoration:none" in your visited link CSS will make them
> even less easy to spot?
> >> but you might be doing that anyway?
> Yeah, I'm doing some other styling like that. It's the color inheritance
> issue that I'm grappling with. I can "solve" it by adding contextual
> selectors for all the classes that might contain these links and specifying
> the <a> colors explicitly (do-able, but not very elegant), but I'm more
> interested in knowing whether this issue is an MSIE bug, or whether I'm
> missing the point about containership and inheritance.
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