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Peter-Paul Koch gassinaumasis at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 20 09:15:12 CDT 2003

>Question: Is there an equivalent event for netscape?

Only on the entire page when you use the mouse to drag the scrollbar (and 
*not* when you use the arrow keys or the mouse wheel).

I am trying to link
>two scrolling divs together, but they cannot be the same div.  The
>application is a viewport window onto a chart with left-vertical and
>top-horizontal scale bars that move with the main viewport, but indepent of
>each other.  In other words a horizontal motion scrolls the main window and
>the top-horizontal scale bar, but not the left-vertical scale bar.
>On IE, I can link the two div's with
>    hDiv.scrollLeft=BMIDiv.scrollLeft;
>     wDiv.scrollTop=BMIDiv.scrollTop;
>However, this does not work on Netscape as it doesn't emit the onscroll
>ANy suggestions?

I'm afraid it's just Not Possible.

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