[thelist] JSP question

Tom Dell'Aringa pixelmech at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 21 11:01:58 CDT 2003

--- Steve Lewis <nepolon at worlddomination.net> wrote:

> Back up two steps with me Tom.  Where are you trying to decide
> which divs to show?  In "includes/dashboards.jsp" or in it's 
> caller?  It looks like you are trying to decide in the caller.

I do in fact want to decide whether to show a specific div in the
"includes/dashboards.jsp" file. I may end up having 4-5 divs in there
which will only show at certain times based on data in the calling
page. (the page calling the include). All my pages in this app call
this include.

So in the calling page, it seems to make sense to set the "trigger"
there, so when dashboards.jsp gets interpreted it can decide what to
show, based on what the calling page wants.

Is that making sense?


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