[thelist] Coldfusion: Problem Indexing .cfm pages

Jason Sweeney jason at designshift.com
Wed Oct 22 12:37:54 CDT 2003

O lights in the darkness, I beseech your benevolent assistance...

I've been hacking my way through setting up a Coldfusion search feature 
(using Verity) on the university faculty website I run and I've managed 
to create the collection and index the collection. So far so good.

My problem arises from the fact that I have a number of pages where data 
is pulled from a database and processed onto the page (departmental 
information, scholarship information, etc.). It seems that when I index 
the .cfm pages in the site, they are indexed *without* the data being 
pulled through. This leaves me with an index that doesn't include all 
the programme information, scholarship information, etc. (Not 
particularily useful, eh?)

(Also, on the pages which include <cfquery> statements, when I run a 
search that brings those pages up the title is blank and the summary 
includes the cf code! Even less useful, but obviously part of the same 
root problem).

Is there a way that the index can be run that results in the CF code to 
be processed *first*? (Probably worded badly, but I hope you get my drift.)


jason sweeney

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