SV: [thelist] Textarea, hard returns, ASP, and CDOSYS

Marcus Andersson marcan at
Wed Oct 22 15:38:27 CDT 2003

>I've got an ASP script that processes the form and sends the email
using CDOSYS.

>When the email arrives, the (hard) carriage-returns entered by the user
are gone.  It's all one block of text with no blank lines.  

Is the mail in plain text formatting or HTML? If it's in HTML I bet
there are linebreaks if you view source... 

>I've tried a few different things with the wrap="" parameter of the
textarea, and by REPLACE()-ing "\n" with Chr(10) in the ASP script, but
all to no avail.

>Does anybody here know the best way to get hard returns entered into a
text field to translate into vbCrLf's in an ASP script?

How about using a JScript block in your ASP and do a replace with


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