[thelist] Textarea, hard returns, ASP, and CDOSYS

Tarrant Costelloe taz at madfolk.com
Wed Oct 22 16:45:38 CDT 2003

Is this of any help to you?

Function cleanString(inputField)
	If (len(inputField)>0) then 
		inputField = Replace(inputField,chr(10),"")
		inputField = Replace(inputField,chr(13),"")
		inputField = trim(inputField)
	End If 
	cleanString = inputField
End Function 

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I've got an html form that has a textarea field where users type the
body of an email message.

I've got an ASP script that processes the form and sends the email using

When the email arrives, the (hard) carriage-returns entered by the user
are gone.  It's all one block of text with no blank lines.  

I've tried a few different things with the wrap="" parameter of the
textarea, and by REPLACE()-ing "\n" with Chr(10) in the ASP script, but
all to no avail.

Does anybody here know the best way to get hard returns entered into a
text field to translate into vbCrLf's in an ASP script?

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