[thelist] report writer - php-based on mySQL db?

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Wed Oct 22 17:13:23 CDT 2003

moni_orife asked:

>>I'm looking into my options for a php-based report writer for a mySQL database.  >>I wasn't able to come up with much information
>>having browsed google and the-list archives.

>>Can anyone help me with the options & what people are using... & perhaps what's >>preferred? php-based or not?

Hi Moni,

The 'php-based' portion of the question was throwing me for a loop ... 
and maybe there are some nice php-based report writer packages that 
you can tinker with ... I haven't used any.

While I mostly play with report writers against Oracle or MS-SS7 dbs, 
most of the 'big' reporting packages claim to run against pretty much 

Those would include rw's like Brio (pretty nice), Business Objects 
(also pretty good), Crystal Reports (horrid the last time I was forced 
to use it), Hyperion/ESSBase (I'm not fond of Excel front-ends), Oracle 
Reports (horrid bloody frames), and probably some other things.

Let me know if you want more details on any of those ... assuming any 
of those might fall within the budget.



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