[thelist] Forms

Randy Pearson randyp at cycla.com
Wed Oct 22 17:49:48 CDT 2003

Forms cannot be nested, and further what would you expect to happen in your
hypothetical form when the user submits? The request could not go to two
separate "action" URLs at the same time anyway.

What are you trying to accomplish? There are various techniques available,
such as JavaScript that changes the form's action dynamically, or
server-side techniques to branch upon receipt of post.

-- Randy

> -----Original Message-----
> Just out of curiosity can you do:
> <form name="form1" action"somepage.asp" method="post">
> 	<!-- form1 stuff -->
> 	<form name="form2" action"otherpage.asp" method="post">
> 		<!-- form2 stuff -->
> 	</form>
> </form>
> If not, why not?

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