[thelist] Forms

Rob Smith rob.smith at THERMON.com
Thu Oct 23 08:13:30 CDT 2003

Thanks for the experiment Walter.

Just for the record my form within a form project WAS doing something to
this nature:

		Select a version: < # >   // where # is the current version
	This versions information

I say WAS because I've removed the inner <form></form> tags and went with a
querystring retrieval system, which brought up something interesting...

I tried <a href="somelink"><input type="button"></a> but did not work. The
button was unresponsive. However, when I added "disabled" as an attribute
the button worked as I wanted it to. To alleviate confusion of my users, I
substituted the button with "Prev" or "Next." 

Thanks for the responses!


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