[thelist] Javascript newbie - errors

Simon Willison cs1spw at bath.ac.uk
Sat Oct 25 21:21:56 CDT 2003

Jeff Howden wrote:
>>2a) This will break your javascript
>>    document.write() does not work in Gecko-based
>>    browsers.
> wow, like i needed another reason to shake the banishing stick at
> gecko-based garbage.


Ignoring that remark for the sake of world piece, I'd like to note that 
Gecko does document.write() just fine when not in ultra-strict 
application/xml+xhtml mode (in case anyone was misled by the above).

> that's understandable, but it makes the use of imported stylesheets alittle
> cumbersome.  for example, suppose you have an imported stylesheet that needs
> to be defined *after* another stylesheet.  you can either place the @import
> declaration within a <style> block without comments, risking that bit doing
> bad things in browsers that don't know what a <style> tag is

I've stopped worrying about browsers that don't know what a style tag 
is. Anything released since 1996 should at least be aware of the fact 
that stuff inside a <style> tag shouldn't be rendered - off the top of 
my head the only browser I can think of that doesn't know to ignore 
<style> and might still be around is Netscape 3. At any rate, if all you 
risk revealing is a single @import line you can be sure that anyone 
using a browser that ancient won't be phased by it, seeing as most of 
the other pages on the commercial web will have much worse problems.

Simon Willison
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