[thelist] XHTML1.1 Validation errors with Javascript

Jeff Howden jeff at jeffhowden.com
Mon Oct 27 10:25:24 CST 2003


> From: David Dorward
> > Making Peace: Legacy Browsers and External Scripts
> > http://evolt.org/article/thelist/17/9054/
> * How many people use Netscape 2/MSIE 3?

it's *not* just about legacy browsers, despite the title.  that's why i also
gave the link to the comment containing other examples of when the technique
is useful/necessary.

> * If an author is targeting them, why is he using
>   XHTML? Especially given that its known to cause
>   problems when served as text/html in browsers which
>   correctly interpret /> as end of tag followed by a
>   greater than sign - browsers which I suspect have a
>   market share at least as large as NS2/IE3.

more hixie blah blah?  sorry, no offense to you personally, but i'm really
sick of people trotting out that *micro* issue whenever xhtml is part of the

pardon, but from the wording above i'm having a difficult time figuring out
your stance on the situation.  if the market share for browsers that have
problems with xhtml served as text/html is as tiny as ns3/ie3's market share
then wtf cares if they have problems.  i'm sure that not even one of those 4
people is actually doing anything online like buying, selling, etc.

> * How do they react to CDATA markers in XHTML?

good question.

> ... and I manage to avoid event handlers in my HTML for
> any 'real' script (I dynamically add them at run time,
> which reduces maintenance).

ah, so you deliberately cut out all but the very latest browsers when it
comes to scripting?  good to know.  at least i have some perspective of
where you're coming from now.  ;)

seriously though, that's not always feasible or desirable.


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