[thelist] Opening Tabs in Browsers

Rodrigo Fonseca lists at vega.eti.br
Mon Oct 27 12:47:46 CST 2003

Saila, Craig wrote:
> The Lists wrote:
>>I was wondering if and how it is possible to open (and close) a new
>>'Tab', in those browsers that use them, like Firebird, whilst opening
>>a new window, for that that don't? Can you force focus onto the new
>>tab as well?
> Currently there's no way to do this, that I'm aware of. The developers
> did play around with the idea of creating an attribute or JavaScript
> function, but they decided against it. They've left it (probably wisely)
> to the user's discretion.

Thank God they did that! :)
Users *should* choose if they want to open tabs, windows or even see
images (like in Moz & Firebird).
I personally don't like when a designer try to decide how should I use
my browser, you know?



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