[thelist] Frames question

Chris Johnston chris at fuzzylizard.com
Mon Oct 27 23:14:09 CST 2003

Diane Soini wrote:

> My question is, what is the simplest way to set this up? If each 
> chapter needs to have a different heading page loaded into the top 
> frame, and this chapter heading page needs to sync up with any page in 
> that section, what is the simplest way to do this? If I resort to 
> javascript, how do I do that with Dreamweaver? Can I write some code 
> to stick in the <head> part of the page? How do I get it in there 
> using the  Dreamweaver interface? Can it be a library item or 
> something like that? I don't really know how to use Dreamweaver since 
> I haven't used it since version 3 and now I code everything by hand 
> and use server technologies whenever possible.
> Server technologies are not an option for this project. I would prefer 
> to stay away from javascript, too, if I can. Forget about standards 
> compliance, the evils of frames or any other such debate. I need a low 
> tech, circa 1997, solution. Believe me it was a major win to get her 
> to use a simple stylesheet, and even with that, I'm sure she's still 
> going to put font tags everywhere anyway.

Anything wrong with a properly bookmarked and linked pdf file?


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