[thelist] Formmail (WAS Recommended use of HTTP_REFERER?)

John C Bullas jcbullas at nildram.co.uk
Tue Oct 28 01:31:35 CST 2003

At 01:48 28/10/2003, Simon Willison wrote
>John.Brooking at sappi.com wrote:
>>Does anyone have any experience with FormMail.pl 1.91 or 1.92 (the latest)
>>and can recommend it to me, or not?
>FormMail really should be secure by now, but I still wouldn't trust it 
>100%. A good alternative though is Not Matt's Scripts, which are rewrites 
>of the Matts Scripting Archive scripts done by people who really know how 
>to write secure code:

Also: My 404 logs do occasionally show "things" snooping in my non existent 
cgi-bin for Formmail.pl/.cgi  BTW :(

http://www.infosheet.com/iScripts.html for BFormmail a good rewrite NB: 
Formmail was last updated April 19, 2002

Bformmail is pretty good as it is supposed to be a lot more secure, it has 
a few built in function to write the field data to a file on the server if 
you want a "hard copy" of what is sent to you, and a CC/Fax function and 
appears pretty hack proof from a laymans understanding. Both scripts appear 
happy to work with Javascript augmentation ( stringing together and 
stuffing in combinations of field values to the form).

the possible scariness of unmodified FormMail can be read about here:

Any more questions, this is fun!

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