[thelist] Pop-Up Menu's Using Images

live4bacon at optonline.net live4bacon at optonline.net
Tue Oct 28 17:37:04 CST 2003

Good Day,
Ok I am teaching myself Web Design/site building using Dreamweaver MX.  My most recent task was creating a pop-up sub-menu for navigation and pulling the JavaScript that dreamweaver creates on the page and placing it in a .js file so that all my site's pages can use the menus and it changing something is not a 2 day operation  (I am sure this is all elementary to you all but we can't all be experts)

And the text and color options that DW gives you for the submenu's are nice and all but I would like to use my own graphics (and roll-over graphics for each) for the sub-menu links. 

SO at long last: My question is a) is this possible?(using only JavaScripting) b) if so can you folks point me towards a JavaScript that will let me do this? c) I would like compatability with 4.0+ browsers.  ( I have checked webmonkey and hot-scripts to no avail)

Any all advice tips pointers welcome (if you must flame please  keep it off the list please)

John P

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