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> My employer at work has been doing a little bit of research on
> for making rank on search engines. She told me today that search
engines do
> not search tables, and that all sites should therefor be designed
> using style sheets. Does anyone know if this is true?

A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing, and usually someone has
to work unnecessarily because of it in a corporate situation. Think
about this a sec, if search engines didn't do tables, then probably 90%
of the sites out there wouldn't get indexed.

Possibly she read about frames, and tables popped out of her mouth when
she was talking about it because she heard/read that word too. Frames
are generally a no-no unless the application calls for it because from a
usability stand point they generally suck for a visitor to a regular web
site, there's lots of info out there on frames, a useful tool when used
in the right context.

Send your boss to this page and follow the guidelines presented here and
you really can't do too much harm:



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