[thelist] Netscape 4 - CSS

Tim Burgan burgan at iprimus.com.au
Wed Oct 29 03:10:28 CST 2003


I think I've read an online article headline somewhere today - the topic was
alone the lines of "Instead of avoiding Netscape 4 with CSS, why not use the
properties that is uses well?"

I can't remember where I say this article - now I want to read it.

Does anyone have any idea where any article alone these lines exists?

Tim Burgan

<tip type="Target Browsers" author="Tim Burgan">
To avoid web development testing headaches and time consuming cross-browser
compatibility tests, define with your client the browsers that you will be
targeting BEFORE the project begins.

Work with your clients needs. Designing in XHTML with new technologies may be
where the future is going, but will they be accessible and able to function with
our client's audience.

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