[thelist] Converting formatting between text field and html file

mike karthauser mikek at brightstorm.co.uk
Wed Oct 29 09:14:24 CST 2003

I have got a basic content management script that allows you to take the
contents of an include file, load it into a text box, edit it and resave it.

My php script converts <p>s to double new lines and <br> to single newlines
in the same way that wysiwyg editors do it. I intent to keep all html
formatting apart from the <p> and <BR> tags as most of the time all we are
trying to do is add new paragraphs to straight text. The styles are
controlled by external css.

What I am having problems with is differentiating between wrapped lines in
the textarea and user inserted line breaks (ie hitting return).

Heres what I got so far: (in php)

 // strip the slashes
 $ncontents = stripslashes($contents);
 // do the p substitution
$des=ereg_replace("  "," ",$ncontents);

Which is a bit long winded. Does anyone else use something like this they
can share?

Many thanks
Mike Karthauser 
Managing Director - Brightstorm Ltd

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