[thelist] Words of Wisdom?

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Wed Oct 29 10:17:17 CST 2003

Hi Gang,

Long time evolter and intranet reporting guy here ... thinking about finally taking the plunge 
and taking on a 'real' client on the side.

It's a small printing outfit ... {yes, I have *some* idea how picky they can be} ... and no, I don't 
think they have a clearly defined or articulated 'web presence' strategy. Arrrrgh!   ;-)

I'm envisioning a simple site ... PHP and MySQL ... lots of image optimization on those 
sample wedding/birthday/invite cards ... (their current 'thumbnails' weigh in at about 1.3Mb 
apiece) ... no shopping cart.

Lots of documentation/training/hand-holding on how they can maintain the site.

Any final 'words of wisdom' before I go screw up what little "free time" I used to have?

Who needs to do _something_ to support his burgeoning anime habit.  Thanks Ben! ;-P

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