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Javier Muniz jmuniz at granicus.com
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As a side note, you shouldn't use auto-increment fields.  Instead use
sequences.  Auto-increment is actually non-standard, whereas sequences can
be implemented on just about any database.  A sequence is a separate table
that tracks the last inserted id, the PEAR::DB module for PHP supports
sequences if you don't want to impelement them yourself, and is a great
resource/template if you do.



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Version Tracking for a Project Tracking System. A user would add a project
blah. Then someone else down the line makes a change to the project, I want
to e-mail the owner the changes made. I just thought there was some really
neat way to do this with out a lot of if statements. [/snip]

If you are using an auto-increment number of some sort you could always get
the latest one via the highest auto-increment number.
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