[thelist] Words of Wisdom?

Joel D Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Wed Oct 29 11:47:52 CST 2003

> Any final 'words of wisdom' before I go screw up what little 
> "free time" I used to have?

Cool! Random off the top of my head thoughts:

Avoid unpaid scope creep. In your written contract, explicitly state
what is included and what is not, but encourage scope creep itself with
tips about what could be added, expanded, maintained once the core is

Put it in writing. All of it.

Prototype in some quick manner of your choice, and push the client to
meet frequently early on to keep you on the right path.

Know what you want out of this deal. Don't work just 'cause you think
you should. If it's about money, make darn sure you don't start giving
work away just to keep the customer, or low bidding to make sure you get
the job.

If it's about personal/professional satisfaction more than money,

Final tip: Keep either January 3rd or 24th free and I'll keep you posted


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