[thelist] SQL Question

Paul Cowan evolt at funkwit.com
Wed Oct 29 17:30:18 CST 2003

David wrote:
> I have a "user" table with a field "NumUser" as the key.
> I have another table with the fields "CreatedBy" and "ModifiedBy". Each
> one of these fields will have a "NumUser" value in it (except that
> ModifiedBy may be null). I am attempting to do a join across these 2
> tables to get the FirstName and LastName values for the CreatedBy and
> ModifiedBy values. Make sense?

Something like this should work (MS SQL Server syntax, might need tweaking
for whatever DB you're using):

		CreatedUser.FirstName AS CreatedFirstName,
		CreatedUser.LastName AS CreatedLastName,
		ModifiedUser.FirstName AS ModifiedFirstName,
		ModifiedUser.LastName AS ModifiedLastName
	INNER JOIN User AS CreatedUser ON
		(SomeTable.CreatedBy = CreatedUser.NumUser)
	LEFT JOIN User AS ModifiedUser ON
		(SomeTable.ModifiedBy = ModifiedUser.NumUser)

Hope this helps,


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