[thelist] [PHP Newbie] Accessing Object attributes from a _S ESSION variable

Marek Kilimajer kilimajer at webglobe.sk
Wed Oct 29 18:43:36 CST 2003

You can store your objects in session but you must have the class 
declared prior to session_start():

require_once('classes/person.php'); // declaration of class person

You'll get rid of the __PHP_Incomplete_Class Object

Default session handler uses serialize to store session variables so 
there is no advantage in doing the same in your code.

Jacques Capesius wrote:
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>>Obviously, the second line of code above isn't working. My question
>>is, how to I refer to the attribute values of an object I have stored
>>in a session variable?
>>thanks for any help you can offer.
>>-jacques :)
> John Corry wrote:
>>I didn't think you could practically store an object in a session
>>You have to use the serialize() and unserialize() functions.
> Thanks, John, that did the trick. I also found another method of
> accomplishing that same serialization when dealing with objects in sessions:
> register_session("person"); 
> ...at the top of the page, I guess, tells PHP to automatically
> serialize/deserialize the data going into / coming out of the named session
> variable.
> Do any of you know if there's any sort of advantage / disadvantage to
> accessing the session variables this way, as opposed to...
> $_SESSION["person"] = serialize($person); //when writing
> and
> $person = unserialize($_SESSION["person"]); //when reading
> ..?
> I'd be interested in hearing your comments on this. Thanks!
> -jacques :)

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