[thelist] DOM, parentNodes and other Familial Matters

Randy Pearson randyp at cycla.com
Fri Oct 31 12:30:55 CST 2003

There's always this:


Although yours might be faster--not sure.

Aside: I think ID's are supposed to be unique. Thus, you shouldn't repeat
id="active" like you have done.

-- Randy

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> I have this code snippet:
> <div id="menu1_1">
>  <ul id="ulFoo">
>    <li id="active"><a href="/link">subItem one</a></li>
>    <li id="active"><a href="/link">subItem two</a></li>
>    ...
>    <li id="active"><a href="/link">subItem ten</a></li>
>  </ul>
> </div>
> What I want to do is reference the ID of the DIV from EACH anchor in
> the LIs. 
> This works:
> this.parentNode.parentNode.parentNode
> Giving me a valid reference to the DIV. According to the new lovely
> quirksmode.org DOM charts (hat tip, ppk) parentNode is compatable
> with all the modern browsers I'm concerned with.
> Only question is, is there a better way to grab the reference? I'm
> not concerned about the structure of the list/div relationship
> changing and ruining the path to the div, I know it won't change so
> that is not a concern.

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