[thelist] Re: [wdf-dom] DOM and setting attributes [addendum]

Danny Goodman dannyg at dannyg.com
Fri Oct 31 14:34:21 CST 2003

You're simply setting the attribute as a property of the element object.
While the W3C DOM specs recommend using setAttribute() as the preferred way
to set an attribute value, the same spec still includes all of those
properties that mimic the element attributes. It's perfectly 'legal' to set
the attribute of a newly created element (including one that isn't yet in
the document tree) by way of its writable property.


> Regarding what I just posted, I just found this to work in
> IE6/win2kPro:
> navLink.href = "/somelink.html";
> finally gives me the link in IE. It also still works in Gecko and
> Opera too (no way to test on Mac).
> Question is, what methodology is navLink.href? It doesn't seem to be
> a DOM method. I'm okay with that if it works, just curious. 

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