[thelist] OT: HTML Emails

Jono Young Jono at brookgroup.com
Fri Oct 31 16:04:15 CST 2003

I wouldn't charge any differently than you would to build a regulate HTML
index page.  If you do other HTML work just charge the same as all other
projects.  I do believe that HTML email are easier than HTML pages, because
email HTM is so much more limited.  You can only do about half as much with
HTML email as you can with an HTML page, so it should* take less time.

On 10/31/03 2:52 PM, "Steve Abaffy" <sabaffy at mswebdevelopment.com> wrote:

> We have just been asked by a client to produce an html email. And since we
> have never done anything like this before we were wondering what the going
> rate was for something like that. Any insight from any of you that have done
> or are doing html emails would be greatly appreciated.

Jono Young

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