[thelist] Tables vrs. CSS for search engines

John C Bullas jcbullas at nildram.co.uk
Sat Nov 1 01:16:15 CST 2003

At 02:14 01/11/2003, liorean wrote
>list wrote:
>>I have recently been hired to optimize a website. They want high rank and
>>are well funded however, their site is in frames. Reading through the list,

another important thing (if it is not too much of a naive point) is also to 
ensure when
they get the high rankings, that the pages listed all open the complete 
frameset or a "result"
they would be happy with, and not the element of the frameset where the 
"terms" appear

Unless this is accounted for the person following the link will get 
80/70/45/20% of the frameset as delivered
and at worst be isolated from the rest of the site or get a fraction "of 
the story", just a point BUT a major
thing to consider when "promoting" framed pages....

I ditched frames 3 years ago on the 4 non-professional ie. home  sites I 
run just for that reason
and had to work to replace the functionality of the frames architecture 
with the use of a lot of
apider control tags and noindex / no follow doodads


>>I have seen various comments about not using frames if you want a good
>>optimization, anyone have any good opinions on this subject? Thanks,
>Hmm, these might be good sources: 

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