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That's a trick I use often.  A client recently asked me how long it
would take to complete an element on his site.  I knew that it would
take 2 weeks, but I told him 3.  A week and a half later, when I told
him it was done, he was tickled pink.


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Hi all,

The following is exactly correct. Better to pleasantly surprise than a

>I'm afraid there is no starting point for this estimate without further
>information. It could take you a week, two weeks, two days or a year;
>although it is unlikely to take two minutes. Only *you* know how long
it is
>going to take you to complete this project, and to make this
>need to know exactly what you are going to be doing. If I were you I
>spec out the project more thoroughly, make an estimate of how much time
>will take *you* to complete and then double that time for your official


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